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Flight Reservation FAQs - Goskylinetravel

Goskylinetravel is a webportal of special discounted fares which is only available on our website. We search all airlines price and find your the cheapest airfare for you.
Any child traveling alone without a company of 18 years of age, is considered by the airline to be non-minor. Each airline has its own restrictions for non-minor travel. It is always better to check with the airline directly to know your specific rules. Aging is usually limited in airlines, children under 5 years old can not fly alone. Airlines can charge $ 25- $ 75 per seg of time at check-in and can only allow use of non-stop flights or direct flights. (Those flights that stop but they do not require a change of planes). Some airlines do not accept a minor with United Nations on late night flights. Unaccounted nominal reservations can not be booked on our web site and should be made on the phone during our business hours. Our sales team will advise you further action after booking with us.
We will not be liable for the failure of any service provider including airline services, hotels, cruise liners, car rentals, integral and tour operators (which are not limited to the failure to meet the services provided by them). We provide travel management services and can not guarantee the services they provide. We can not guarantee the financial condition and non-reimbursement to such suppliers, because there will be no harm to you due to the financial condition of such suppliers. In the case of Supplier Default, which you pay for the sole support for the return, will be with the default Suppliers providing services, not Goskylinetravel.com. We provide the highest standard of service in the business and use proper care to select suppliers to protect you from such defaults. However, we can not control their work and can not take any responsibility for the tasks related to travel services beyond the control of Goskylinetravel.com or its employees. Goskylinetravel.com may not be held liable or liable for error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, non-performance or any consequences thereof, which may be ignored by any supplier, defaults or any other inaction The reason may be. Of travel products, Goskylinetravel.com will not be liable for any change in price or change or schedule for any travel service, which happens after payment for such services.

We work as a medium through which independent suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruise liners) provide their services and they have no control over them and do not consider any liability for the work of suppliers. From which we receive travel services. We charge a small charge for our convenience for your convenience, including searching and buying the cheapest airfares for our customers. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, we provide the best service to make your journey a pleasant experience. But once the ticket is issued, due to reasons beyond our control, the penalty may be included in the refund, change or cancellation.

The discount granted can vary depending on many factors, including the use of airlines, service classes, time of year (short or high season), providing advance information and meeting minimum requirements.
We accept third party card payments, but such third party purchases require fee verification. This safe guard card holder has to protect against unauthorized users from fraud charges made by their card. Once you complete the booking online, you will receive an email to request the card holder to meet the following requirements.

1) Billing phone Verification: Card holder has to call us with their billing phone number (on file with the bank / card company) to verify the charges.

2) Acceptance Email: In order to confirm the acceptance of the fee to the card holder, we need to send an authorization email from our email id.

3) Conference call with credit card company/Bank: In three ways, we can call your credit card company / bank to verify the transition on the conference call. You will be with us on the phone while we will talk to your credit card company / bank. After receiving your permission, your card company will verify the transition. We have initiated this added safety process to ensure that the cardholder is aware of the fee.
When you book your ticket online, your card can be filled in 2 different tariffs according to your authorized amount. The second fee will appear as "agent fee". This service fee allows us to provide superior technology automation, as well as provide you high level customer service. Your total amount will not exceed the amount you have authorized us.
Adults – Age 18 and above are considered as adult travelers and full fares are paid for all international flights.

Children (minors) – Provide complete adult fare for all international flights from the age of 18 to 12 years.

Children – 2 children under the age of 11 are considered and only 15 to 25% discount on most international flights for rent, there is no exemption on government taxes, surcharges or fees.

Infants on lap – Children under 2 years of age are considered as infants, and can ride in the lap in all directions and most international flights can pay 10 - 20% adult rent.

Infant with Seat – Children under 2 years are considered to be infants, after paying rent to the children, they can get seats in international flights and they should be booked as a child.

Seniors – Adults aged 65 and over are considered senior. For international flights the fares are not given for the superiors and should be booked as adult travelers.
Adults – Age 18 and above are considered as adult travelers and full rents are paid for all domestic flights.

Children (minor) – Provide complete adult fare for all domestic flights between the ages of 18 and 12.

Children – Are treated as 2 children under 11 years of age and pay full rent for all domestic flights.

Infants on lap – Children under 2 years of age are considered as infants, and can ride on the lap, on most domestic flights, most of the free flights are available.

Infant with Seat – Children under 2 years of age are considered as infants, after getting complete adult fare, they can get seats in domestic flights.

Seniors – Adults aged 65 and over are considered senior. For most of the passengers, fares are not discounted on most flights and should be booked as adult travelers.
Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express
Airlines can make a change at any time, depending on the demand, the amount of time you will be able to buy and buy tickets, the airline will have changed the rent or the class of the service will be sold. Airlines has the right to do this at any time. We closely monitor the rent and make every effort to keep the rent displayed on our site as often as possible.
Yes, upon the successful completion of your booking, you will provide a booking ID, which can be used for future reference. Within 1-5 hours of your booking, we process your booking and issue tickets. We will send you an email related to your e-ticket and travel program, which you can print and use to check at the airport.
During our business hours; Please call us and our support agents will help you. After business hours, please call the airline directly to cancel your reservation or make any other changes.
Most unused airline tickets are variable. If you do not have any show then change is not allowed. All changes must be made at least 3 hours before the original departure time. There will be an airport transit fee and additional penalties imposed by the airline maybe if you have to pay a difference in the rent if any. Our service fees will apply to all changes. There are also some changes with some ticket fees. In addition, if the price of the new ticket is more than the original tickets, then you have to pay the difference. If new tickets are less than the original price, then the airline will not credit the difference. You will pay the difference in the charge of the charge + fee. All change requests should be in writing or email:
Domestic flights: With a change fee of $ 100, can be changed according to airline rules - $ 200 and any difference in fare
International Flights: There may be any difference in fares as per the airline rules, with a change fee of $ 200 to $ 400
Important: Call the airline directly to cancel the flight at least 3 hours before departure from the business hours or weekends (please do not leave any voice or email message to change the ticket or cancel the ticket).