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Your complete guide to earning and redeeming Delta SkyMiles

  • June 20, 2020
  • Goskylinetravel

Skymiles is the frequent-flyer program of Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines offers points to passengers when they travel with Delta Airlines.

You will earn 5 miles for every dollar spent on Delta Airlines*. So, you are rewarded with more miles when you pay a higher price.

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How to Redeem Delta SkyMiles

If you are a frequent air traveller, then you must be aware of the regular flyer programs. These programs are designed keeping in minds the requirements of the travellers. They also give various discounts and points on each booking.

Most of the users find these points useless. But that is not the case with the travellers travelling with Delta airways.

It is one of the best and award-winning loyalty programs as it was awarded with TPG 2019 award for the best airline loyalty program.

It allows its user to pay for their tickets with miles, giving them more flexibility to start their vogue sooner.

Another great benefit of the Delta Sky miles program is that one can redeem these miles while travelling with a partner airline like Aeroflot, Air Europa, Air France, China Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, and GOL Brazil. All these airlines are the part of Sky Team alliance and are classified as Sky Team Partners and Non-alliance partners.

One can easily search these partner airlines by searching sky team award tickets, or you can also call customer care for more details on the price and availability.

Well, that's said, let's find in detail the various ways through which you can redeem your Delta SkyMiles points.

Redeem on Delta Flights

The first and obvious place where one can redeem these sky miles is by directly booking tickets with the airlines. To get the exact price of the flight, you may do the online search or call the customer representative because of the dynamic pricing. There is also an advantage of this dynamic pricing that Delta also offers award flights for lower miles.

Keep an eye on Deals

Delta Airlines offers various deals directly in terms of the sky miles. These deals can be for both national and international destinations. Like

  • 5000 miles within the USA (one way)
  • 20,000 miles to Europe
  • 75000 miles on Air France (Business class each way)

So one should keep checking these deals. You can get more information about these deals from their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Redeem on Partner Flights

As explained earlier that Delta is a part of Sky Team Alliance that has various partner airlines. Therefore, one can use these sky miles points to book tickets on these partner airlines. To know the partner airlines' accurate price, we would recommend calling the customer care of Delta airlines.

Redeem for Upgrades

Another great way to redeem your sky miles is that you can use them to upgrade your service class while travelling with delta or with air France, KLM virgin and other partners flights. However, this option is only available on specific routes by each of these carriers.

The same can be checked by regularly visiting their website. To reduce the complexity in 2018, Delta airlines has launched used miles to upgrade your flight's program, which can be accessed directly through their website.

Redeem for Rental cars, Hotels, and merchandise

One can also use sky miles points for buying gift cards, apple products, booking a hotel room, hiring cabs, enjoying a cruise, and various other things.

It is always better to redeem your sky miles by booking your flights tickets either on delta airlines or through partner airways, giving more value to your sky miles.

How to earn delta miles quickly

To book your tickets through sky miles, you need to have a good balance. There are various ways through which you can boost your sky miles balance. Some of them has been discussed below:

If you are an American Express credit cardholder, you can always gain massive points or miles depending upon your card's type. For example: if you spend 500 dollars through your blue American express credit card within 3 months of opening your account, then you will earn 10000 miles, and for platinum American credit card holders for a purchase of 3000 dollars, they can earn 90000 miles bonus.

However, 250-dollar annual fees are also applicable on these cards. And if you are a reserve American express credit cardholder, you get 80000 plus 20000 qualification miles after spending 5000 dollars.

Please note that all this spending has to be done within 3 months of opening of accounts. There are also always of earning sky miles like

    • Using LYFT: Through which you can earn one mile per dollar.
    • You can also earn sky miles through sky miles dining programs. Where you can earn 5 miles for every 1 dollar spent. One can join this program by visiting the sky mile dining website and providing their information’s.


For few years, Delta SkyMiles losing value, but there are many great deals from which you can book. The program has been walking towards a collection redemption price of 1 per cent per mile. However, you'll be able to still outstrip that, particularly for premium-class awards on partner airlines. I extremely suggest keeping a watch out for affordable domestic tickets and SkyMiles Deals to urge the maximum bang for your miles, as doing this might prevent miles compared to alternative mileage programs.