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Traveling alone is considered a great way to learn why

Are you afraid to travel alone? Don't worry, I traveled alone and have learned many things about myself. So, plan to travel solo.

Traveler woman joy fun relaxing on wood bridge looking beautiful destination island, Phang-Nga bay, Travel adventure Thailand, Tourism natural scenic landscape Asia, Tourist on summer holiday vacation.

Traveler woman joy fun relaxing on wood bridge looking beautiful destination island, Phang-Nga bay, Travel adventure Thailand, Tourism natural scenic landscape Asia, Tourist on summer holiday vacation.(Photo: Shutterstock)

When I planned and started to travel alone, I thought I would learn a lot about nature, life, people, culture, and local experience. And, you know what, it was really a great experience traveling solo and I learned a lot, but mostly I got to know about myself.

For a solo traveler, is not only about learning something else or someone, it is also about seeing yourself that how you learn things, and how you believe in yourself.

When you travel alone, there is no one to blame, you are not relying on anyone, no one is there to fall you back, it's you only to decide everything for your next step. If you think or believe in yourself and want to test your limits, go ahead and plan a solo trip.

Here are some reasons, why you should plan to travel solo:

  • Decide for yourself: When you travel alone, you take every decision on your own. Your every step relies on you such as where to stay, what to eat, what to do etc...It can be a very tiring situation and sometime you may do mistakes but this is how you will learn to listen to your instincts.
  • Test yourself: We are normally surrounded by many things in our normal life such as noise, cellphone, friends, and people constantly chatting around us. When you plan to travel solo, then all these things do not exist there and you will be able to listen yourself. Try to understand, what your mind and body communicate.
  • Rely on yourself: Traveling alone can be a tuff because no one is going to help you. You have to rely on yourself to make plans, book tours, or plan out itineraries. You have to do everything on your own. Worst of all or say the best thing is that if anything goes wrong, then no one else but yourself will have to be held responsible for it.
  • Find yourself: Solo travel even helps you to find yourself to know what you are? Are you the same person who gets drunk while knowing that there is no one from your house with you to take you home? Or doing some adventure without knowing your family? Traveling solo help you to find yourself there.
  • Talk to Yourself: Here's a question you're sure to find an answer to: How many days can you go without talking to the people you know? On a solo trip, you have the luxury of talking to yourself. Or better yet, observe the world as it passes by you. If nothing else, traveling solo can help you grow as a person.
  • Talk to strangers: When you don't have to explain yourself to something, you feel free. But then, you can feel even more liberated when you share parts of your life with complete strangers. Sometimes, you exhaust yourself completely.
  • Be selfish: Solo trips are crafted entirely about you. Get inspired by your mood, get off the tour bus if you find a place you like. Nothing feels better than being the master of your own will while traveling.
  • Be frugal (or be fearless!): No one is judging you for staying in a luxurious hotel and splurge on that new watch! Explore the place the way you want and spend the way you want.
  • Really surprising: You've traveled alone for work several times, but at that point you've been driven by a purpose. On a solo journey, you are left to wander to your heart's content – no itinerary driving you, no one else, except your own will, to follow. Remember, not all who stray are lost.

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