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Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal

  • August 09, 2021
  • Goskylinetravel

Traveling on airlines with your emotional support pet is not allowed - at least not free. But yes, if you have a doctor's document that says, you need emotional support, you can travel with an emotional support animal at no extra charge.

It's obvious that the service animal is allowed in the planes. However, if you looking to travel with any emotional support animal, it may be chargeable.

Let's talk about some of the essentials for traveling on an airline with your pet.

Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal

Traveling on airlines with pet

Know the Rules: If the traveler has a doctor's note that says it is necessary for him, it is allowed otherwise not. Now, only the service dogs who are trained to assist the passengers are allowed in the plane.

So, if you are planning to travel with an emotional support animal, then there would be a charge. For more information, please contact airline support.

Paperwork for your service dog: Be ready to provide all the required documents to the airlines that the dog which you have is an officially emotional service dog. You need to provide all those documents 48 hours before your flight.

Fee: Traveling with your emotional support pet can't be free. Before booking your flight, you should speak with your airline's customer service about the charge and know the rules.

Restrictions: Another thing, you need to look at your emotional support animal age and size, which may impact whether you can travel with your emotional support or not. Dogs and cats often have an age to travel in airlines, and their kennel or carrier will need to meet specific dimensions to fit under the seat. Again, I would say to speak with airlines customer to know latest rules.

Breed restrictions: Many airlines have made this distinction as to which types of animals are allowed and which types are not. Some airlines put some restrictions on what type of animals can go in the cabin and in the cargo.

Consider the weather: If your emotional support pet checked into cargo, we advise instead of putting your pet at risk, schedule a direct flight for your pets so it takes less time to reach the destination. Keep in mind the weather.

Destination restrictions: You need also to check your destination rules for your pets. Airlines may not allow your pets to carry to certain destinations.

Proof for the healthiness of your pet: Check with your doctors that your pet is healthy and prepare a document for that.

Review the airline's rules: You may have booked your ticket with your emotional support pet, which may affect your journey. So, we advise checking the airline's website before your booking.

Traveling with a pet during COVID: If you are flying with your emotional support pet during the pandemic, make sure your airlines have not suspended transporting animals in the cargo compartment. Many airlines refused to transport pets during covid.